the accursed share(ware) Kamikaze!!!

Kamikaze Software
Flight Simulation
release date: TBA

This is almost an arcade game in its intensity. You control a Japanese Zero in WWII on your first and only flight. Your objective - to evade enemy aircraft and smash the US Pacific Fleet before America drops the big one on Hiroshima. Controls are rudimentary - you are basically a flying bomb. You begin the game with no flying experience or instuctions. From the moment you are handed your ceremonial headband and struggle to take off you are under attack and we are talking feeding frenzy here. You increase your skill factor fast or not at all. Excellent action, great graphics and the clarity of programming that is perfectly suited to the Play Station. Purists may complain about the lack of knobs and levers but to my mind this is what flight simulation is all about. Banzai!!!!!


MR: Crimson
P: B1
Int: 65%
Ind: Low
G: 7:3
S: imminent

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