the accursed share(ware) Changkin's Friend

PC only
Release date: Nov 98

Another tedious walkthrough from Albatross I'm afraid. Changkin Sunbird on a quest to find his lost partner comes across the usual dreary characters - (Wizard, Dwarf, Giant, Whore, Elfling etc etc) - who have little meat in their dialogue and who serve only as signposts. Pick up the gold, buy the potion, deliver the amulet, ho hum we've seen it all before and done much better too. When are Albatross going to realise that 3d is no longer the future?? - its here already guys. Admittedly the backdrops are pretty but if thats all you want save your money and download a screen saver instead.


MR: yellow
P: F
Int: 29%
Ind: high
G: 3:2
S: unlikely

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