skull/feed The SNN conference in Zurich

Zurich, Switzerland

Walk Don't Run

It is gratifying to see that at long last the computer game scene is coming round to a more global perspective. For too long a handful of knowledgeable key people have been able to dictate the needs of the consumer. Now it would seem that a blend of commonsense and practicality has at last filtered through to the ivory towers where decisons are made and so-called "creativity" is tempered by economics. It can only be for the good of the industry as a whole to be prepared for lateral involvement. Martin Jackson recently spoke at the WASTec convention on the ultimate goal of technology being the 'integration of the nodal with the mainstream' and the need for the popular culture to reflect this. In other words the important people in all this are those who create the market and it is absolutely vital for all those whose living depends on them not to forget it. The good news is that a shift in response means that more effort will be directed at support and less on supply and that will inevitably lead to fuller pockets all round. Look forward to hearing more on this when the seasonal round begins again.

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