skull/feed Mind control soon to be a reality?

Mannheim, Germany

Imagine being GOD (again). Power streaming from your finger tips you blast rocks to pieces and atomise your enemies. You pull yourself up to your infinitely huge height and destroy EVERYTHING with one squeeze of your mighty brain! Up until now the closest you got to that was standing on a chair but things are changing - at least in the gaming world. A future is close where the joystick is as defunct as the laser cannon and a mouse is a squeaky pet. Krupp Tecnologie in Mannheim are working on device called that amplifies the tiny electric currents in your head and uses them to interface the pc. This is not a new idea. As far back as 1985 the visionary George Stevens of The Ram Jam Corporation was experimenting with a similar device on the Spectrum. Electrodes on the forehead measured the alpha rythms produced by the brain and depending on the frequency raised or lowered a buddha on the screen. If you relaxed enough the holy man rose to the top triggering a flight of herons! Krupp's system measures the energy produced by the brain while using a joystick and locates a signature wave for each function. Once the computer has 'learned' your brainwaves you can drop the joystick and play by mind control. The process is still at an experimental stage but Krupp is intending to develop applications within their new multimedia organisation RKT. They are also rumours of a licensing deal with an established games company. Ram Jam were looking to sophisticated hands free applications like flying airplanes. For now, a proper head to head in Quake3 may be a reality. What will we do with our hands?!!

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