skull/feed Researchers report link between games, brain cancer

Kyoto, Japan

The work place sure is a dangerous place these days. Computers can apparently cause epileptic fits, rsi, bad skin, weak eyes and even premature ejaculation! Now add brain cancer to that list. Japanese researchers have discovered that mice subjected to over 100 hours of video game monitoring per week have developed tumours. This compares with a clean bill of health for a simultaneous control study of mice watching tv. Suggestions that the combination of repetitive sounds and visuals in games might be responsible have so far been met with scepticism but latest research indicates that the built in stress may be a factor. Industry spokesman Geoff Dearing said "This is just another in a long line of unfounded scare stories dreamt up by the media to sell magazines. No one in their right mind would play video games for 100 hours a week anyway".

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