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Empire Errata and Clarifications

Last updated 8/22/01

ERRATA for Force Pools on Map

There are two errors on the force pools printed on the map.

  • In Thessella, the numbers for light (2-3) and heavy (3-2) infantry are reversed. The correct numbers should be 4 x 2-3 and 2 x 3-2.
  • In Equilla, the correct number for heavy (3-2) infantry should be 2.
NOTE: In both cases, the numbers of counters provided are correct; it is the force pool listing that is in error.


If a hex contains any given terrain, that hex is considered to include the terrain. For example, S6 is considered woods, not clear.

7.0 Capture Large City influence event - ERRATA

The Influence Events Table correctly lists this as a Beneficial Event. Therefore, the listing of "Trend: +1" on the Enemy side of the influence card is incorrect; this should be -1 as with all Beneficial events in an Enemy province.

7.0 Diplomatic Pressure influence event - CLARIFICATION

You must spend at least 1 gold (for a friendly marker; 2 for a neutral/enemy marker) to apply this die roll. You cannot spend no gold and roll with a 0 modifier.

13.6 Stacking - CLARIFICATION

The rules in this section refer to non-enemy units stacking together, i.e. units belonging to players and Neutrals who are not at war with each other. Stacking in combat hexes is a special case that is covered in 13.7 and 14.4.

14.3 Combat sequence - ERRATA

Item 2 which begins "Attacker rolls 1 die..." is incorrect. The rule should read:

"14.3 2) The attacker and defender roll the appropriate number of dice and apply the combat results (14.6). The attacker applies the combat results first, then the defender."

14.4.1 Stacking in Combat - CLARIFICATION

13.6.1 is correct. 14.4.1 should read ". . . In cases where more than two units are in the combat hex (attacks on large cities/citadels, or battles in coastal hexes with landed warships)..." 14.5 paragraph (2) is also incomplete on this point -- again, 13.6.1 is correct.

14.5 Calculating Combat Odds


In cases where both a terrain modifier (rough, woods, woods/rough, bridge, ford, stream) and a fortification (small or large city, fort, citadel) could apply to the defender's combat strength, the defender must choose either to be in the fortification (thus getting the fortification modifier and also giving the attacker -1 on each die) or outside the fortification (thus getting the terrain modifier but forfeiting the attacker's die roll penalty). Note that if the defender chooses to be outside the fortification, the attacker gets no benefit from siege units in his reinforcements (14.9).


Amphibious assault on a fortification hex is a special case. If the defender chooses to be inside the fortification, the defender gets both the x3 modifier to her combat strength, and the attacker also suffers the -1 die roll modifier. If the defender chooses to be outside the fortification, she gets the x3 modifier but no fortification benefits (this would only be useful if trying to negate the effects of siege units).

14.6.2 Fortifications - CLARIFICATION

Fortifications are: small city, large city, fort, citadel.

14.7.1 Reinforcements - CLARIFICATION

14.3 is correct. Reinforcements are committed at the end of each battle round. Paragraph (b) should read: "At the end of the first and subsequent rounds, ..."


Note that there are not enough Weak markers for the Emperor player to place during starting setup (there are 5 provided for each player, and the Emperor will need to place at least 6). You will have to improvise extra Weak markers for the Emperor, until the Rebels begin making some headway.

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