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Automated Card Tracking System
Welcome to the Automated Card Tracking System (ACTS) home page. ACTS facilitates the play of card-based wargames by e-mail, by tracking the state of the decks and players' hands throughout the game. It was originally designed for use with Avalon Hill's We the People. It was later extended for use with other games of that system (Hannibal, For the People), as well as completely different games (Blue vs Gray, Titan), and we continue to add modules as time permits.

Please note that ownership of the games is required. ACTS is not intended to be a complete "game referee"; it knows very little about the rules of the games, and management of the game outside the decks of cards is left to the players.

Also, please be aware that this system is offered as "freeware" with no guarantees. We will do our best to keep it up and running, but it is maintained on a part-time basis, so problems will be dealt with as time permits.

Feel free to browse the ongoing ACTS games. If you'd like to create a game, or get on our Opponents Wanted list, sign up for a free ACTS Membership.

Thanks for visiting. We hope you find this system useful in expanding your PBEM opportunities.

Boardgame Players Association The Boardgame Players' Association is a proud sponsor of ACTS

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